…Massacre Sounds offer a vast range of services which will guarantee to meet all your needs and budget requirements as well as offering you consultancy, advice and bespoke services for your next event…

With so many DJ's out there to choose from, how do I know who will be the best for me?

Obviously, pricing is a key factor as to whom you choose. Another deciding factor is the amount of experience your DJ offers. Ideally. you want someone who has been DJ’ing for years, with a huge database of music and ‘know how’ in entertaining people as well as having an understanding of events management.

There are many Company’s out there who have come out of no where promising the earth, but in reality they have no experience and are out there just trying to live out a hobby. A word of advice would be do not book those who advertise the most as this does not mean you have the top service provider for your event, however we recommend clients to do some research and invest time so they get the right service they need for the right price. The best DJ’s are booked through word of mouth, not fancy advertising!

How do I know if I have a reliable DJ?

There is no better way than to judge a DJ other than to see them perform live! We encourage our clients to come and see us perform so they can see Massacre Sounds up-close and personal. Speak to your family & friends and get feedback on your DJ, there are many websites out there that have reviews. Do your market research, otherwise it may cause you a lot of hassle and heart ache if your big day does not go to plan.

A key factor to all successful events is the music. Music is the life and the atmosphere of all party’s if you compromise on this it will have a major impact on the overall success of your event. Remember your DJ needs to know how to entertain all your guests and help co ordinate the event with other suppliers. If your DJ does not allow you to see them perform live, then they must have something to hide, it’s as simple as that!

I am not sure what services I require?

There are loads of services to choose from and we appreciate that this can be a personal affair. However, we believe that only the client can solely decide on the services they require, it is after all, your event. However, we are more than happy to advise and guide you through the many services that we offer, considering the many factors that may influence your choice, such as; the amount of guests you wish to entertain, the size of the venue, a certain theme that you may wish to adapt and of course the financial aspect of it all.

We can provide all clients with bespoke tailored services and for those who are unsure, we have packages that clients can choose from. We also offer clients recommendations based on previous events and services offered in the same/ similar venues as well as provide consultations and live footage and other material so they have a clear understanding of what is being booked prior to there function.

I don’t think my DJ really understands what I want?

We believe the DJ has no choice but to understand what a client wants! Although we are aware that there are DJ’s out there that do find it difficult to entertain at a certain level and handle simple instructions. It is important for the DJ to build up a relationship with the customer and to keep in contact on a regular basis. Customers sometimes change their minds about certain things, such as – colour themes, timings, venues etc, therefore it is vital that the DJ makes the effort to keep in check and up to date with what’s going on.

A key point to note, think and plan your event months before the big day and ensure you have a vision of what you wish to achieve as well as think about the important parts of the event such as: Entrance Cake Cutting First Dance Dinner As long as communication between both parties is frequent and clear, then the relationship and understanding between the DJ and customer will be excellent. The end results with Massacre Sounds is more than what words can describe …

What documents does my DJ/ Entertainment provider need legally?

It has become compulsory that your service providers have adequate documentation and legal cover. This is a vital point to note, please check to see that your service provider does have the documents. It is common practice for venues to make sure their guests are well looked after under health and safety regulations. This should also be a high priority for your DJ. Public Liability insurance is critical as this cover for accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of third parties, designed to cover businesses from the risk of being sued by a member of the public.

With the amount of heavy electrical equipment the DJ has to transport around, it is important that this equipment is PAT tested to ensure that all electrical operations are safe for themselves and your guests aswell as the venue. Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT) is a requirement that all mobile disco companies should adhere to, by law. It involves the testing of all electrical equipment to be used at your event as the appliances should be routinely checked for safety. This is to comply with the The Electricity at Work Act 1989. We at Massacre Sounds have all the required documents and ensure that all our clients are provided a copy for peace of mind. Remember do not pay a deposit or book until you are certain that your chosen entertainment provider is covered with the above documents as failing to do so may result in no Entertainment on the big day.

I am stuck and need help with another service, do you provide recommendations?

Yes, we have built a close working relationship within the Industry’s top service providers and we are able to point all clients in the right direction and ensure that the services required are provided with minimum effort. Massacre Sounds offer a vast range of services to wow all of your guests, having such a wide range of distinct services we will guarantee to meet all your needs and budget requirements as well as offering you unbiased consultancy, advice and bespoke services for any kind of event, however large or small.