No Asian wedding is complete without music, lights and dance. If you want the perfect Asian Wedding DJ experience, you are in the right place. At Massacre Sounds, we specialise in providing the music for Asian weddings. Worried about the costs involved? Then we offer a fantastic new DJ hire service.

We have everything you need to provide your guests with great music and entertainment. When you use us you stay in control.

Every Asian wedding is unique, which is why we focus on hiring out the equipment you need to provide the music and entertainment yourself. Using our high-end equipment, you can create your own spectacular wedding entertainment. This is perfect for those clients who are on a tight budget or those who do not requuire a DJ and Host but instead some music.

There are several advantages to taking care of your own wedding entertainment rather than hiring a DJ. Here are the main ones.

Why Hire The Equipment for Your Asian Wedding?

Keeping everyone happy at a wedding can be tricky. Naturally, most couples want their Indian wedding to follow the traditions and customs of their families as well as reflect their own life view. Taking care of your own entertainment is the best way to ensure that the wedding reception is a celebration the way you have planned it with a pre determined play list.

The couple can choose which traditions are followed. Being in control in this way is particularly advantageous for couples who are from different cultural backgrounds. That way everyone’s customss can be respected in equal measure. Doing your own entertainment means that you can choose your own music and make sure that everything is done tastefully and correctly.

Hiring the equipment not only gives you more flexibility it also saves money. Despite the fact that our DJ consoles and digital sound systems are high end, they are not expensive to hire. We take care of the set up and show you how to use them so you have no suprises and have the use of some great equipment.

Equipment to Create the Perfect Party Atmosphere

Because we know that wedding entertainment is about more than the music, we also offer a range of lights, dance floors and other equipment which you can hire and tailor make your event.

You can also hire plasma screens and projection screens to show videos and images during the event. We can also drape any venue in any style and also hire out smoke machines, mood lighting, ambience lighting and confetti bursts and other great extras please look at our Services. You can even hire dancers and a toastmaster from us!

Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated rental department

With so many options to choose from, we understand that choosing the right equipment could become a chore. We have a dedicated wing to help you make the right choice. Our equipment hire team will consider your requirements and factors like the size of the wedding venue, and the type of guests expected, to suggest the best combination of music and sound systems.

We work with you to ensure you hire only the equipment that you require and work out a package that fits your budget. We work towards ensuring you have a stress free experience and enjoy the wedding festivities.

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