The moment most women get engaged, they start thinking about the most important day of their lives. An Asian Wedding is a significant event that people remember throughout their lives. Why? Because it is a unique event that we share with people we love. The best memories are like a remedy for a rainy day. It should be enjoyed and remembered over and over again. But first we need to ensure that they are beautiful! Massacre sounds cover all bases from the Asian wedding theme right through to organising your wedding entertainment. Weddings are expensive but we ensure that we put together a package that suits your budget.

Selecting your Indian Wedding DJ

Massacre Sounds focuses on providing the best Asian Wedding DJs. Once you have have settled on the style of music and had a one-to-one consultation with your contact from Massacre Sounds, everything else will fit into place.

Considering your Indian Wedding Entertainment budget

Before you make any decisions it is worthwhile to consider finances. It is sometimes tedious, but necessary. Perhaps one of the most important areas of cost you need to consider is the Indian Wedding Entertainment. Also ensure you set aside a healthy budget which is in line with all other aspects. Massacre Sounds has a variety of options and the latest technologies to choose from.

The cost of a traditional Asian wedding in the UK is frequently well over £30,000. This figure has risen in recent years because of two main reasons. One is the food prices which have gone up. This has made any kind of large celebrations expensive because of the prices of food and beverages.

The second reason is that many people have simply increased their wedding budgets. The rise has been linked to the glamour of Bollywood, British celebrity culture and increased spending power. Both the culture and the media give brides something to aspire to and make them aware of what is available for their big day. There are also a number of high-end wedding fairs which influence couples budgets once they see something they are keen to have.

However, if you are looking at creating a successful celebration without letting the wedding cost spiral out of control, Massacre Sounds is able to provide you with the best Indian wedding services and entertainment including the best Asian wedding DJs and much more.

There are some major elements which increase the wedding cost drastically. These are venue, food, decoration, wedding entertainment. It is vital to keep all costs in line so all elements of the event come together.

Massacre Sounds organise wedding cars, provide amazing flower arrangements and table decorations, professional wedding photography and videography, chair covers, Mandaps, Ambience Lighting and Venue draping. We take care of all these little things so that couples can focus on their special day.

Music at the centre of your Indian Wedding Entertainment

Music plays a significant role in Indian wedding budgets and should not be compromised. We feel it is important that you know your DJ before the event and that he meets your every expectation and musical taste. Once you have decided on every element of your wedding and Indian Wedding Entertainment, we will present to you your budget which we can discussed further to suit your needs.

And remember: A wedding should leave you with nice memories, not significant bills and frayed nerves!