A Wedding Anniversary is a joyful day to celebrate with your loved ones as it’s the memorable day that you’re Wedding Day took place. Like birthdays, certain Wedding Anniversaries have more personal importance to us than others. For instance a 25th Wedding Anniversary is considered to be a ‘Silver Anniversary’, whereas a 50th is known to be a ‘Golden Wedding Anniversary’.

Different land mark anniversaries signify the different levels of achievement and growth between husband & wife. In other words the longer the marriage, the stronger the bond? (Supposedly) These land mark occasions deserved to celebrated with your nearest and dearest.

A Wedding Anniversary party is a great way to celebrate such a joyful occasion. The evening usually gets underway with a few speeches either by the couple themselves or by close family and friends who speak out commemorative words about the couple. In no particular order a cake cutting ceremony and or first dance can also occur at some point in the evening.

How Can We Help?

Once these formalities are completed, it is then up to your DJ to take the night away, and that is where we step in, we ensure we work with all our clients to understand their needs and deliver an ‘A Class Service’.

Massacre Sounds have provided music & entertainment for many Wedding Anniversaries along the years and know how to ensure your Wedding Anniversary party is not only successful, but also one to remember!

Choose from a variety of Wedding Anniversary DJ Packages that we can provide for your Wedding Anniversary, or even work with us to create a Custom Bespoke Show that will definitely provide a personal touch and wow factor to your Event.