Indian Weddings & Indian Wedding DJ services

Many people unfamiliar with Indian weddings ultimately think that an Indian wedding is only prepared and practiced in one particular way. In actual fact the Indian wedding market is so diverse in the UK and represents a wide variety of different religions and backgrounds. Some of these religions are; Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. From these distinctive religions stem different casts, cultures and traditions, which in segments can be similar and some completely different. Due to the influx of these various religions, casts, cultures and traditions over the years, there has always been a demand for Indian wedding service Providers to cater for these varieties of Indian weddings in the UK.

Considering all the vast religious and diverse cultures in Indian weddings, also comes a large number of varied languages spoken such as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil to name a few. These languages represent different areas of India, for instance Punjabi represents the common language of Punjab whereas Gujarati represents the common language of Gujarat. Hindi is fairly universal and is more popular to the western world probably due to the fame of the Bollywood music and film industry.

What Typically Happens at an Indian Wedding?

A typical Indian wedding will start in the morning at a place of worship in the presence of a holy priest alongside both sides of the family and guests. From here on the bride and groom will exchange vows in accordance to their religious practices, some of which in these wedding ceremonies can take longer than others. For more specific and detailed information on these particular types of Indian weddings, please have a look at;

Normally after the wedding ceremonies have ended and both sides of the family are now accustomed to each other, the wedding takes form into a customary celebration or wedding reception. Most Asian wedding celebrations in the UK are normally held at Banqueting Halls and Hotels which are usually tailored and decorated to the wishes of the bride, groom and respective families. The tables and chairs are lavishly decorated with themed upholstery and fine cutlery is presented for the guests to indulge in a three to five course meal. Entertainment is usually provided in the form of a Indian Wedding DJ to provide the many varieties of Indian wedding music ranging from Bollywood, Bhangra, Arabic and English amongst many others for the guests to enjoy and dance to.

How Can We Help?

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