Muslim Weddings & Entertainment

Muslim weddings conducted in the Islamic faith are very large, again plenty of food, vibrant colours and a number of ceremonies which are carried out by the priest known as the Iman. These events can be celebrated in School Halls, Banqueting Halls, Community Halls, and Hotels to lavish marquees depending on requirements and budget.

There is no official paper work involved however whilst the Nikah takes place it is important that there are witnesses who authorise the marriage. There is also a Dowry or a sum of money which is agreed occasionally at Bengali and Muslim Weddings between the Iman and the Groom, as a gift to the Bride as a token to show he can provide for his wife.

There is great emphasis on the decor and ambience which makes these events a perfect surrounding for Massacre Sounds the Asian Wedding DJ’s to shine above all suppliers by being able to provide Table décor, Main stage arrangements, Stage Setups, Flowers, Backdrops and Venue Up-lighting to create the perfect staging for all your photographs.

How Can We Help?

Muslim Wedding Ceremonies such as the Mehndi, Walima & Nikkah usually require a PA System with Professional Wireless Microphones, followed by a great mix of Pakistani, Bollywood and Bhangra Music for the later part of the evening. Using our professional Indian Wedding DJ services, we can ensure we deliver just that and more. Like all Asian Weddings it can get a bit manic, so we work closely with the client to ensure we set a realistic iterniary and ensure the big day goes just as planned. Book the trusted Muslim Wedding DJ, Bengali Wedding DJ, Pakistani Wedding DJ and Indian Wedding DJ for your next event as we can ensure you a top class service and a guarantee you that dream wedding you have always dreamt of.

Choose from a variety of DJ Packages that we can provide for your Muslim Wedding Reception, or even work with us to create a Custom Bespoke Show that will definitely provide a personal touch and wow factor. Feel at ease with our Professional Muslim Wedding DJ’s – who boast Extensive Music libraries to cover all your Bollywood, Urdu, Bhangra, Farzi & Arabic genres of Music.

Having a Live Performance?

Massacre Sounds have worked alongside many professional Bollywood, Bhangra & Pakistani Dance Groups, as well as Performers and Percussionists over the years and can assist with finding you the perfect performance for your perfect Big Day. Whether it be providing full on production for a Celebrity, or hosting a choreographed Dance Routine by members of the family – with Massacre Sounds, there really are no limits as to what can be achieved.