Bollywood Music’s and the influence on western culture:

Bollywood music comes from Bollywood film songs, also known as Hindi film songs. The traditional song and dance routine of Bollywood films is both admired and parodied by western audiences. Yet no one can deny the cultural impact it has had on Europe and the US with songs like “Its’s my Birthday” by smash hit producer taking samples from the a film Hum Se Hai Muqabala and the hit track Urvashi Urvashi. Much like Bhangra, Bollywood music is often played for Indian Wedding Entertainment. Many of the dance routines from the films can be seen recreated at Indian weddings on the dancefloor as advised by Indian Wedding DJs Massacre Sounds.

Bollywood songs are composed to appeal to the masses and it is therefore unsurprising that Asian wedding DJ co-ordinate’s like Massacre Sounds use these popular songs to fire up the crowds. Bollywood focuses on themes of love, money, celebration and family. This has allowed a large cross section of society to be able to relate to the music and films. Indian Wedding Entertainment has provided a platform for Bollywood music to flourish. Massacre Sounds Boosts a large library of Bollywood Music and they sure now how to rock a party. They provide specialist Indian Wedding DJs with extensive knowledge of Bollywood Music.

Indian DJs  & the influence Hollywood

Further evidence of Bollywood music’s popularity is its presence in Hollywood. Film director Baz Luhrman sited Bollywood as a major influence for his film Moulin Rouge. One of his dance numbers included the song “Hindi Sad Diamonds” based on the Bollywood film song Chamma Chamma, composed by Anu Malik. Bollywood’s industry in terms of size and productivity has seen Hollywood take great interest in collaborating with Indian composers and film-makers. The ‘Indian dream factory’ has now reached both America and Europe. Undisputed successes like Slumdog Millionaire which received 8 Oscars and individual stars like actor Shah Rukh Khan have universal appeal. Bollywood music translates easily because it is very expressive, rhythmic and diverse. Overall the music is joyful and celebratory which encourages people to get up and dance.

Notable artists such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have provided the foundations for the popularity of Bollywood music. Other Producers who have a major influence on the popularity of Bollywood Music are A Rahman, Himesh Reshammiya and Sajid Wajid.

Bollywood’s influence on Indian DJs

Bollywood has had a huge impact on cultures across the world, notably in the UK. Hindi music and Bollywood songs can be heard in restaurants and on the radio. The BBC prides itself on its Asian Culture Network which broadcasts Bollywood music to millions of UK listeners. Asian DJs such as Massacre Sounds are valuable assets in the music industry and one of the main reason why Bollywood music has made it to the mainstream. Bollywood music is here to stay!