Indian Wedding Planning and working with suppliers for Indian Wedding:

Organising a great wedding is hard work and it’s often a good idea to get lots of help and support from family and friends. There are many things to consider when planning the best day of your life.

The most important thing is to give yourself and people you work with enough time to organise everything. It is important to allow time for changes so the wedding preparation goes ahead stress-free so you and your partner will be happy and relaxed on the day.

Ways to help you plan your Indian Wedding:

1. Work out your budget

2. Reserve your date and venues

3. Fill out an application for registering the marriage in the registry office.

4. Choose food or if your venue doesn’t provide any, look for a reliable caterer.

5 Send invitations

6. Decide what kind of wedding entertainment you want and book it in advance. Good Asian wedding DJs are usually booked way in advance. Your Indian Wedding Entertainment is an important part of the big day.Contact Massacre Sounds today

7. Decide on the decoration and theme suitable for the time of year.

8. Decide if you need only a photographer or you would like the wedding to be filmed. Book everyone in advance.

9. Arrange a meeting with your beautician and hair stylist. Make sure they are available on the day of the wedding and if possible are able to travel to your hotel room to save you unnecessary hassle on the wedding day.

Is it your first event mangement expearience?

For many organising a wedding this will be your first event management experience. You will need to be super-organised to ensure nothing is forgotten and remember that no task list is ever too detailed. Draw up a schedule of the event and slot in each component (cake-cutting, first dance). Send your event schedule to all the vendors involved on your big day.

After sending the schedule make sure everyone has received it by calling and once again discuss the details.

Working with Indian Wedding Entertainment suppliers:

  1. Choose the one you trust, perhaps you have been recommended one by a friend or you may have attended a wedding that used them.
  2. Meet your Asian wedding DJ prior to signing the contract and ensure he specialises in what you are after. Massacre Sounds ensures this approach is adopted for each event
  3. At least 1 month before, send your wedding entertainment company the schedule and follow up to make sure they understand each part of it. Make sure that the venue knows about the catering and the space they require. They must know exactly when your Indian Wedding DJ will setup and also space needed.
  4. Hire an event manager for the day or ask one of your friends to be the main contact for your wedding entertainment teams. If you work with a professional Indian wedding DJ, photographer or caterer there will not be any emergencies so your friends will be able to relax.

The key to your perfect wedding is that absolutely everyone involved in the organisation is aware of their tasks, knows the timings and understand and what is expected of her/him. Your DJ is crucially important, if you don’t book in advance you will not have the experience you need for your event, contact Massacre Sounds Today.