Planning a wedding is a hectic task. However, the great part is that in today’s times, you can easily find suppliers to help you with all the arrangements. Of course, the important part is to hire the right supplier who can cater to your taste and needs. Choosing a good caterer, a good party planner and even wedding decorator are all important aspects.

Then again, there is the entertainment aspect. Planning the music and events so that guests don’t get bored at your function is also a crucial task. When choosing a wedding DJ, there are certain things you should keep in mind, and our tips below will help.

Indian Wedding DJ who plays your kind of music

Every couple has a particular taste in music. It is up to you to decide the kind of music you want to play at your wedding based on your taste and the theme of the wedding. If you are planning for a theme wedding, an Indian wedding DJ can just as easily be hired as an Indian caterer to serve a wholesome Indian cuisine.

Quality of Music

It helps to get some information on how a DJ plays before you hire one. You can ask your friends for feedback if they have hired the same DJ before. Or better still, ask your friends to share the details of a reliable Indian Wedding DJ who plays good music as per the event, it is also good if time prevails to go to an event where the DJ is performing. The quality of music should be mature, pleasant and soft for a wedding. However, it all depends on your overall wedding theme as mentioned before.

Kind of Equipment

A DJ that has a consolidated list of good quality equipment, such as professional sound system, lighting and video screens, should always be your main choice. You should always assess the quality of the equipment before hiring a DJ and ensure they have all the insurances and electrical certification required, as many venues require certain documentation.

Pricing factors

DJ’s usually charge as per the number of hours they are supposed to play for, or the rate may change depending on the kind of setup or equipment needed. For instance, if a DJ is roped in for a fashion show, he may charge more as opposed to a private children’s birthday party. Understand the pricing factors and what the break-up of charges are of the DJ you intend to hire. It will help have a better understanding of how you can save on costs too.

Hiring the right Indian wedding DJ supplier, like Massacre Sounds, will help you plan a stress free wedding. If you plan it well and take the time to choose wisely, your wedding is bound to be a great success.